Like The papers, this tale was written in 1902 to make up the volume of collected tales called The better sort, and so did not appear in a magazine prior to its book publication.

The text for the edition on this website is taken from the first UK book edition (The better sort, 1903), subject to the editor’s standard editorial method. A number of fairly obvious typographical errors in the source, have been corrected as follows:

location in 1903
Methuen edition
original text correction
page 194, line 17 him Him
page 196, line 38 There are There were
page 198, line 2 equlvalent equivalent
page 198, line 39 tracks. [full stop] tracks, [comma]
page 220, line 26 “So,” So,”
page 222, line 35 away. away?

The script used in preparing the downloadable ASCII version of this text counted 21,900 words in it.

Because of the production method the text has been proof-read twice, but only by this editor, so it is possible that an error has slipped through both times – offers of proofing assistance will be gratefully received.