There are two plain-text versions of this concordance: one lists only the overall number of occurrences for each word whilst the other also shows the text codes and the numeric breakdown between them (when a word occurs in more than one text). Each file has a list of the titles of the texts analysed and the ‘full’ version also shows the number of words analysed from each text. The files are generated by the same locally written Perl script as the XHTML pages, so the figures should tally! The files are compressed, and can be unzipped by Winzip, unzip or a similar utility.

Use one of the following links to download the appropriate file to your computer :

concordance listing words
and total occurrences only
concordance listing words
with text sigla and text
occurrences added
current version 2.04 : current version 2.04 :
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Adrian Dover – November 2013