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noframe options

As explained in full detail on the site accessibility notes, it has not been possible for me to generate a parallel set of pages for the Ladder suitable for users for whom the arrangement of the material in two or three frames causes difficulty. From the start of the site (see history), when first-generation browsers were still in daily use, there has been a no-frames introduction and menu page for each edition: this has been retained in the revision for XHTML and is now linked from the menu, as the popular modern browsers don’t seem to offer the option to suspend frames’ display.

Please note that, because of the frame-naming behaviour of some browsers, if you use the ‘noframe’ option and then go to any conventional frames version in the same window/tab, you may experience some difficulty with the main pages opening in the whole window instead of the correct frame. (IE7 and Firefox 2 are known to me to have this problem.) I have been unable to find a JavaScript fix for this, although there ought to be some way to sort it out, and you’ll have to close the window or tab which is remembering the whole display as the ‘text’ frame.

The noframes introduction and menu for each edition has been rewritten without the layout table, so sequential access is easier. Subsequent pages which would normally appear in the central frame then open in the same window or tab. Linked notes open in a new window or tab because of the frames’ target in the coding: if I ever get time I might try to write some JavaScript to change all these targets when the note frame doesn’t exist! Such code might also change the footer links which currently take users to frames versions of the pages, but for the time being, non-frames users should navigate ‘back’ or use their history, if they find the main frame set too troublesome to link out of.