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‘Text options’ give you the ability to change some of the features of the display of a Henry James text on the Ladder (unless you have disabled JavaScript in your browser or fixed the display settings). They apply to both the fiction and the New York edition prefaces and become active when the text page is loaded. When a non-text page is loaded in the central ‘text’ frame (for example the introduction at the start), these options are inactive and are in the menu’s neutral colour. The browser remembers your choice of these settings when you close a text and they are automatically reapplied when you load it again (unless you have disabled cookies in your browser).

reverse colours:
click this option to reverse the text and background colours of a Henry James text: you may find you prefer reading a light text on a dark background; click again to restore the original scheme (the eagle-eyed will notice that the light text colour is slightly different to the ‘light’ background colour, to reduce the contrast)

click this option to change the linked text to the normal orange colour and thus make them visible – click again to hide the links; a confirmation message appears under the source date at the head of the page when the links are revealed (because there may not be a link near the top of the page for you to check their status)

in Henry James’s prefaces the links are normally revealed in orange: this option still works, first to hide the links: the header message reminds you when they are hidden

font size:
click one of these three options to adjust the size of the typeface in the textual part of a Henry James text page in the central frame; ‘smaller’ and ‘larger’ decrease and increase, respectively, the font size by one point, with a lower limit of 8pt and an upper limit of 24pt – when the upper or lower limit is reached, the appropriate option becomes inactive; the ‘default’ option returns the text to the designer’s size of 11pt