An index to Henry James’s
notebook name lists

compiled and edited by Adrian Dover

Among the most striking features, to me at least, of the contents of Henry James’s surviving notebooks are the occasional lists of names which he jotted down for possible future use, either when encountered in real life, say in the Times newspaper, or when conjured into existence from his fertile imagination. Because of the way these variously-sized lists occur throughout the nine notebooks, and are therefore scattered in both the printed editions of them that have been published, I have often felt the need for an index – which the volumes’ two sets of editors signally have failed to provide!

Here is that index: an alphabetical list of all the names in the ‘notebooks’ name lists’ showing the date (or date range) James wrote them down and the page references in, first, the more recent Edel & Powers edition (EP) and then the older Matthiessen & Murdock one (MM).

There are several important points for you to note before using the index:

Especial thanks go to Sarah Koch, who very kindly proof-read this index in January-February 2005, a task which is obviously much more difficult and time-consuming than proofing a ‘linear’ text. As a result of her work I was able to remove more than a dozen errors from the index. Thank you, Sarah. It is hoped that the upgrade to the ‘XHTML 1.0 Transitional’ standard in April 2009 will not have introduced any new errors: the A-Z index pages are generated by one of my Perl scripts and the source data file and functionality have not changed, only the surrounding output text.

For full bibliographical details of the two editions of the notebooks, and for additional work, I have provided a separate small bibliography for this index. Included there are details of Gale’s A Henry James encyclopedia which is useful for checking up on any of James’s fiction or characters (by surnames).

April 2009

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