The texts on this website are taken from the UK issue of the New York edition (1907–1909, full details on the bibliography). The sheets for this were in fact printed in America with the Scribner’s edition and then imported and bound by Macmillan with their own title pages. As usual the changes required by the editor’s standard editorial method have been imposed. Note however that James’s use of a characteristic space before contractions such as “n’t” and “’d” in the New York edition has been retained.

A small number of emendations has been found necessary in preparing these texts from their source volumes: four to maintain the convention of italicizing foreign words; two to correct errors in original publication dates; and, a handful for grammatical or typographical corrections. These are detailed in the following table, each with a link to the appropriate place in the relevant text. In some cases a note is linked from the changed text to explain the reason for the change.

location in 1907–1909
Macmillan edition
original text correction
volume 2   (The American)
page vii, line 14 wouldn’t would n’t
page vii, line 26 common, – common –
page xii, line 10 Etretat Êtretat
volume 3   (The portrait of a lady)
page xx, line 26 i’s i’s
volume 11   (What Maisie knew; etc.)
page xiv, line 23 1907 1897
page xix, line 31 ‘artist’, ‘artistic’,
volume 12   (The Aspern papers ; etc.)
page xiii, line 19 time, time;
page xv, line 24 out-of-the way out-of-the-way
page xix, line 1 déjà très-joli déjà très-joli
volume 14   (Lady Barbarina ; etc.)
page x, line 9 1888 1884
volume 15   (The lesson of the master ; etc.)
page xiv, line 32 whoever whomever
volume 17   (The altar of the dead ; etc.)
page vii, line 8 Il ne manquerait plus que cela Il ne manquerait plus que cela
page ix,
  lines 9–10
Mourir, à Londres, c’est être bien mort! Mourir, à Londres, c’est être bien mort!
page xxi, line 3 term!) term!).
page xxv, line 4 Volume volume
volume 18   (Daisy Miller ; etc.)
page xx, line 1 la beauté parfaite la beauté parfaite
volume 19   (The wings of the dove)
page v, line 6 that a of that of a
page ix, line 16 balked baulked
page xi, line 23 formulae formulæ
page xv, line 15 each one’s each of one’s
volume 21   (The ambassadors)
page xiv, line 36 the North The North
volume 23   (The golden bowl)
page xxiii, line 31 vivâ-voce viva voce

Because of the production method the texts have been proof-read twice, but only by this editor, so it is possible that errors have slipped through – offers of proofing assistance will be gratefully received by Adrian Dover.