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The uniform edition of the tales / Henry James. – London : Martin Secker, 1915–20. – (published as individual volumes; some titles also issued in USA by Le Roy Phillips, Boston, or Albert and Charles Boni, New York; see details in Edel & Laurence ref. A74);   pages 5–93
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The novels and stories of Henry James : new and complete edition / [edited by Percy Lubbock]. – London : Macmillan, 1921–23. – (Edel & Laurence ref. A86);   Vol. 27,   pages 187–253
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Lady Barberina ; and other tales : Benvolio ; Glasses ; and three essays / with variants, notes, introduction and bibliography by Herbert Ruhm. – New York : Vanguard Press, 1961;   pages 179–228
first book text, variants in revised book text;   introduction, notes, relevant notebook entries, bibliography
The complete tales of Henry James / edited with an introduction by Leon Edel. – London : Rupert Hart-Davis, 1962–64. – (Edel & Laurence ref. A105);   Vol. 9,   pages 317–370
first book text;   brief introduction
Affairs of the heart : stories / by Henry James ; contains stories dramatized by Terence Feely for the London Weekend Television series. – London : Pan, 1975. – ISBN 0-330-24329-2;   pages 176–224
first book text;   introduction
Complete stories 1892–1898 / Henry James. – New York : The library of America, 1996. – (The library of America ; 82). – ISBN 1-883011-09-4;   pages 525–571 in print
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