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The following is a chronological list of Henry James’s tales which first appeared in the periodical The Cornhill magazine. On the right, in brackets, is the tale’s relevant entry number in the Edel & Laurence bibliography (section D: contributions to periodicals). The textual variant of each tale is ‘magazine text’ (by default, of course).
Daisy Miller : a study (ref. D337)
vol. 37 no. 222 June 1878 pages 678–698
vol. 38 no. 223 July 1878 pages 44–67
An international episode (ref. D351)
vol. 38 no. 228 December 1878 pages 687–713
vol. 39 no. 229 January 1879 pages 61–90
The siege of London (ref. D384)
vol. 47 no. 277 January 1883 pages 1–34
vol. 47 no. 278 February 1883 pages 225–256
Miss Gunton of Poughkeepsie (ref. D519)
New ser.vol. 8   May 1900 pages 603–615
The faces (ref. D523)
New ser.vol. 10   June 1901 pages 767–780
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