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The English illustrated magazine
The following is a chronological list of Henry James’s tales which first appeared in the periodical The English illustrated magazine. On the right, in brackets, is the tale’s relevant entry number in the Edel & Laurence bibliography (section D: contributions to periodicals). The textual variant of each tale is ‘magazine text’ (by default, of course).
The author of Beltraffio (ref. D400)
vol. 1 no. 9 June 1884 pages 563–573
vol. 1 no. 10 July 1884 pages 628–639
The path of duty (ref. D405)
vol. 2 no. 15 December 1884 pages 240–256
The Patagonia (ref. D428)
vol. 5 no. 59 August 1888 pages 707–718
vol. 5 no. 60 September 1888 pages 769–783
Nona Vincent (ref. D452)
vol. 9 no. 101 February 1892 pages 365–376
vol. 9 no. 102 March 1892 pages 491–502
Collaboration (ref. D459)
vol. 9 no. 108 September 1892 pages 911–921
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