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Harper’s magazine
also known as Harper’s monthly magazine
The following is a chronological list of Henry James’s tales which first appeared in the periodical Harper’s magazine (also known as Harper’s monthly magazine, from its masthead at various times; the volume numbering was continued from Harper’s new monthly magazine). On the right, in brackets, is the tale’s relevant entry number in the Edel & Laurence bibliography (section D: contributions to periodicals). The textual variant of each tale is ‘magazine text’ (by default, of course).
Fordham Castle (ref. D536)
vol. 110   December 1904 pages 147–158
Julia Bride (ref. D552)
vol. 116 no. 694 March 1908 pages 489–502
vol. 116 no. 695 April 1908 pages 705–713
Crapy Cornelia (ref. D558)
vol. 119 no. 713 October 1909 pages 690–704
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