Publications have been treated as ‘in print’ in this data if they appear as such in the online Neilsen’s BookData service. My aim is to update this information here about every three months, but users should also be aware that publishers are not always scrupulous about notifying the database compilers when publications go out of print. In addition, titles are sometimes ‘out of stock’ for considerable periods while re-printing or the consideration of re-printing is undertaken. Also, availability may vary according to country (although as Henry James’s texts are now out of copyright, this shouldn’t be a problem).

THEREFORE you should not take the marking of a title as ‘in print’ in this database as confirmation that that particular title is in fact currently available in your area. You should always consult a bookseller if in doubt. A number of larger booksellers are available on the world wide web, but, as I still use my friendly local bookstore for almost all my UK purchases, I am unable positively to recommend any of them.

Adrian Dover – September 2006