‘The turn of the screw’ by Henry James
in : Collier’s weekly, vol. 20-21 (27 January-16 April 1898)

introductory: 20 (no. ?) 27 January 1898, pages ?;
(pt1) chapters 1–2: 20 (no. ?) 3 February 1898, pages ?;
        chapters 3: 20 (no. ?) 10 February 1898, pages ?;
(pt2) chapters 4–5: 20 (no. ?) 17 February 1898, pages ?;
        chapters 6–7: 20 (no. ?) 24 February 1898, pages ?;
(pt3) chapters 8–9: 20 (no. ?) 3 March 1898, pages ?;
        chapters 10–12: 20 (no. ?) 10 March 1898, pages ?;
(pt4) chapters 13–15: 20 (no. ?) 17 March 1898, pages ?;
        chapters 16–18: 20 (no. ?) 24 March 1898, pages ?;
(pt5) chapters 19–20: 20 (no. ?) 2 April 1898, pages ?;
        chapters 21–22: 20 (no. ?) 9 April 1898, pages ?;
        chapters 23–24: 21 (no. ?) 16 April 1898, pages ?;

the tale was commissioned by, and first appeared in, this popular American weekly; for more details of its history see the online Wikipedia entry

The two magics : The turn of the screw ; Covering End / by Henry James. – London : Heinemann, 1898. – 310 p. ; 20 cm.pages 3–169

The two magics : The turn of the screw ; Covering End / by Henry James. – New York ; London : Macmillan, 1898. – 393 p. ; 20 cm.pages 3–213

contents: The turn of the screw; Covering End

containing the first book publication on each side of the Atlantic; the two editions were probably published simultaneously on 1898-10-05: the British one in an edition of 1500 copies at the usual 6/‒ each and the American of 2250 copies retailing at $1·50 each; despite its title page, the Macmillan edition was for non-UK, non-colonial distribution only; further details, including illustrations of sample pages can be found in a section of the Ladder devoted to this volume

The Aspern papers ; The turn of the screw ; The liar ; The two faces / by Henry James. – New York : Scribner ; London : Macmillan, 1909. – xxiii, 412 p. ; 22 cm. (The novels and tales of Henry James : New York edition ; v. 12) — pages 147–309

contents: The Aspern papers; The turn of the screw; The liar; The two faces

as usual, James revised the text for his collective edition, which was sold on subscription only: in America an initial 1000 copies of each volume were available at $2, $4 or $8 per volume (depending on the binding chosen); one hundred sets of the same sheets were bound in Britain for Macmillan’s first, 8/6 per volume issue; this volume appeared early in 1909 and an unknown quantity of additional copies, in both territories, were produced later

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commentaries and discussions

As it is the most commented upon of all James’s works, a full bibliography of The turn of the screw would be enormous and, perhaps not surprisingly, no one has published such a work, although it seems an obvious gap to fill! Sadly, I haven’t the time to create one here, as I have tried to do for most of the other tales on the Ladder and, somehow, it seemed invidious to single out a handful of works, even though some of you might find that useful. Therefore, apart from linking James’s own preface, available on this site, I have given details of the two widely available critical editions, each of which contains selected bibliographical details of major work, and a handful of more recent articles which I have found particularly useful. (You may also wish to consult the general works on James’s tales, which I have listed on a separate page although I can’t honestly recommend any of them, not having seen Albers’s book.)

‘Preface’ by Henry James
in : The Aspern papers ; The turn of the screw ;… (New York edition) — see above;
reprinted in : The art of the novel : critical prefaces / by Henry James, with an introduction by Richard P. Blackmur. – New York ; London : Scribner, 1934. – xli, 348 p. ; 22 cm.pages 159–179

relevant text available on this website

The turn of the screw : authoritative text, contexts, criticism / by Henry James. – 2nd ed. / edited by Deborah Esch and Jonathan Warren. – New York : W. W. Norton, 1998. – xiii, 271 p. ; 22 cm. (A Norton critical edition) – ISBN 0-393-95904-X

the supporting material is completely revised from Robert Kimborough’s 1966 first edition; the extracts from criticism are arranged in three periods ‘early’ ‘major’ (1921–1970) and ‘recent’ (1970- ) on pages 149–262; the selected bibliography is on pages 267–271

The turn of the screw : complete, authoritative text with biographical, historical and cultural contexts, critical history and essays from contemporary critical perspectives / Henry James ; edited by Peter G. Beidler. – 2nd ed. – Boston : Bedford/St. Martin’s ; Basingstoke : Palgrave Macmillan, 2004. – xiii, 386 p. ; ill. ; 21 cm. (Case studies in contemporary criticism) – ISBN 0-312-40691-6 (Bedford) – outside North America : ISBN 0-4039-3235-2 (Palgrave)

apart from some contemporary reactions, Beidler provides a ‘critical history’ and series editor Ross C Murfin four introductions to specialist areas of criticism: ‘reader-response’, ‘psychoanalytic’, ‘gender’ and ‘Marxist’, each of which is accompanied by its own bibliography and a ‘perspective’ by a noted critic working in that tradition (Wayne C. Booth, Stanley Renner, Priscilla L. Walton and Bruce Robbins respectively); finally, Sheila Teahan provides a commentary on combining perspectives; for anyone wanting to explore the ramifications of The turn of the screw in the twenty-first century, this is the place to start

‘When did Henry James write The turn of the screw?’ by Christopher Moran
in : Notes and queries, vol. 56 no. 3 (September 2009), pages 402–404

pins down, with more precision than ever before, the period when James wrote the tale, arguing for a concentrated few weeks in November 1897

‘Errors, misjudgements and strategies in The turn of the screwby Christopher Moran
in : English studies, vol. 92 no. 6 (October 2011), pages 634–661

highlights and attempts to explain some of the internal discrepancies and mismanaged revisions in the text; accounts for these by the time pressure under which James wrote and edited the tale